Women, a cause of problem or not? 

Women, a cause of problem or not?

#Women empowerment 

Being a son of Mother, brother of a sister. It pushes me up to pen down something important here you all must be aware of. First, We are aware about the day to day happenings, but we never FOCUS on the things we must. What we think about a women is totally different, pessimistic, impugn and illicit. Its not just pointing out or proving them wrong, instead we must be clear with our thoughts, sentiments and moreover with perceptions. We often discuss about the women and related issues but never ended up with a solution. We must be glad to have  them as an integral part of our lives, because they play a pivotal role and are the reason after every successful men. If I’ll be candid and straight forward. I would love to admit that we (male beings) must stop cursing women and stop pointing them as the root cause of problem. We ourselves are fools because women suffer for nine months to bring a fool like us who says women are the root cause of the problem. Now, did you know how we can overcome this problem and reach out to the good solution?
Yes, the solution is, we must work on our THOUGHTS and PERCEPTIONS we must be clear with our VIEW’S and OUTLOOK, candid with the BELIEF and the FRAME OF MIND above all ABSOLUTE to the PREJUDICE and our PERSPECTIVES. 

In nutshell i want say, we must work on our MINDSET and and try to be a philanthropic and optimistic,  which is the only reason to set everything right and smooth. Moreover, “Precaution is better than Cure.” So, we all have to look @into ourselves and pop out ourselves from the deep water and correct our own loop holes…….

“Life is full of opportunities and one among them is mistake,  which gives us a chance to correct ourselves again and again.”                                                                

  Y. S. Wani. 



  1. Really an important issue which needs to be addressed.And hats off to you brother, you think this way and also stimulate our small minds to think like this.

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