Can UCC bring everyone under a single umbrella?

Can UCC bring everyone under a single umbrella?


UCC or Uniform Civil Code is a proposal to replace the personal laws based on the scriptures and customs of each major religion community in India. With a common set governing every citizen. Civil code is a systematic collection of laws which deal with the core areas of private law(includes relation between the two individuals).

UCC is not the innovation of the present ruling government. It was proposed in the original constitution of india and was debated in PARLIAMENT 1949 and later between 1951 & 1954. Even though Prime Minister Pt. J. Nehru was personally in support of the bill, he was unable to convince the other members.

If UCC is to bring different people under one umbrella irrespective of colour, creed, religion and sex. It is going to be quite complicated and complex. Because everyone has to accept a change and can’t be decided by a single or few people.

If we talk as far the context of Islam is concern, they won’t let the norms of Holy Quran to be violated. Because they believe that if UCC is imposed it’ll have a certain and uniform rule to go through and sought out any problem. Triple Talaq is the trending topic, that i don’t want to elaborate because u might b aware of it. Every single thing has to abide the norms of Holy Quran and those norms can’t be violated. This is the case why Muslims oppose it. Now the question is why only the men has right to say Talaq three times and its done. But It too have a procedure to go through. Even a woman can give Talaq to her men, but it is finalized before marriage only and is clearl in the knowledge of bridegroom.

The law is to uniform everyone, but not to create crisis and issues. It is to unite everyone, but not to create hustle and bustle……

Meanwhile if i talk about the SC/ST and OBC, will they remain such if Uniform Civil code is imposed by the government. Where will the reserved seats go then?

If i talk about the recent ban on JALLIKATU, which is a game played in Tamil Nadu during the harvest festival of pongal. It was banned by the SUPREME COURT on may 7, 2014, citing that it violated the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act, 1960. People of Tamil Nadu, who are passionate about this favorite sport, have hit the streets demanding that the ban be revoked.

If UCC is imposed, will people of T.N be able to  play this sport?

Here, at last u want to admit that.. Article 44 of the Indian constitution states that the state shell endeavor to provide for all its citizens a Uniform Civil code. “This clause is part of the DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES and not under the section of Fundamental Rights.” But Freedom of religion in India is a Fundamental Right guaranteed by Article 15 &25 of the Indian constitution.

Also,  It is important to always remember that India is a nation of vast laws governing principles of different religious and ethnic groups. Moreover Indian is a SECULAR AND THE MULTI FACET COUNTRY………..


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